On Wednesday 4 May, the pupils of 1º, 3º y 4º E.S.O. went to L’Eliana to see the play Twilight of Love by La Tourné Teatro.

The play, based on the novel published in 2005, was in English and the pupils enjoyed it, as they said after they had seen the play.

Four actors played six roles – Robert, Hannah, Edward, Isabella, Jacob and Natasha. All the characters are teenagers who study at Newlands High School.

What happens in the play? On her first day at Newlands High School Isabella is given the lead role of Juliet in the school production Romeo and Juliet. Straight away she is intrigued by Edward, the boy playing Romeo, but she is warned by her new friend Hannah that Edward is strange.

To Isabella’s surprise, Jacob (an old friend) is also at the high school. Jacob also warns Isabella that Edward is dangerous.

One day, while Isabella is walking in the wood, she runs into Edward and his sister, Natasha, who are playing squash. Both are terrified to see Isabella, and Natasha tells her to leave at once. Jacob appears too and it is obvious that he and Edward hate each other.

At the next rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet, Edward and Jacob must fight on stage, but the fight turns into a real battle. Isabella, who does not understand why her two friends are fighting, tries to find out why they hate each other so much.

As Jacob will not tell her anything about the matter, Isabella tries to find it out by herself so she goes to the wood in order to try to find Edward. Natasha tries to attack her, but Edward comes to her rescue and stops her sister from hurting her. Edward then tells Isabella his secret – he and his sister are vampires. He also tells Isabella that he is in love with her.

Jacob then appears in the wood having changed into a wolf. Jacob, who also loves Isabella, attacks Edward and they fight again. Jacob tries to warn Isabella to stay away from Edward but she decides that she cannot be near either of them.

In order to have some time to think about all the things that she has learnt about Edward and Jacob, Isabella decides to visit her Grandma for the weekend. Who will she choose?

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